We had a special baptism ceremony at church. The church only does baptisms once a year. All of the people who were baptized today went through a month-long class about baptism. I believe all of them have been meeting with a leader in the church to study the Bible as well. The church wants to be sure that people understand the commitment they are making when they are baptized.

Three of my students were baptized today. They invited many of their family members, classmates and teachers to attend the service. Two of them spoke at the service. I didn’t understand what they said, of course, but one of them told me that she talked about how she became a Christian and how Jesus has changed her life.

After the baptisms, we all had lunch together and then the newly baptized church members were given certificates. You can see pictures here: I didn’t get any pictures of the actual baptisms. I couldn’t see very well from where I was sitting.

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