Freshy Night

Saturday was Freshy Night for the Faculty of Education. Freshy Night is a really big deal. The first year students spent most of the week preparing for the night’s activities. Most of the girls spent hours at salons on Saturday having their hair and makeup done. All of the freshmen dressed in formalwear. It was quite a change! I didn’t recognize some of my students when I first saw them!

The major event of the evening was the beauty contest. Each major within the Faculty of Education chose a boy and girl to participate in the contest. Boeing and Ball were chosen to represent the TESOL department. The beauty contest started with a uniform competition. All of the competitors walked across the stage wearing their school uniforms. Each pair of students said something into a microphone. Most of them also did some coordinated hand movements.

After the beauty contest participants left to prepare for their talent competition, there was a dance competition. Again, each department chose a pair of students to represent them in the contest. Benz and Tui danced for the TESOL department. They did a really good job and won 3rd place!

Next, the beauty contest participants came back for their talent competition. This was actually really nice. There was some traditional Thai dancing, some singing, and some funny acting. Boeing and Ball did some type of skit. The audience laughed really hard. During the talent performance, dinner was served to all of the guests.

After the talent competition, the beauty contest participants left again to change into their formalwear. We had some musical entertainment from 2 bands. TESOL students performed with both of the bands. I was really impressed!

Finally, the beauty contest participants came back to the room wearing their formalwear. Boeing and Ball both looked really nice. There was some sort of popularity contest where they counted up the number of roses each participant received to determine who was most popular. Ball won that one! Finally, they announced the finalists for the beauty contest. Boeing won 2nd prize!

At the very end, the M.C.s gave out the “Barbie” award to the best-dressed girl in the audience, the “Ken” award to the best-dressed boy, and another award (can’t remember the name right now) for the best-dressed boy in women’s clothing. Of the four girls nominated for the Barbie award, 3 of them were TESOL students. Golf was the winner.

So I learned that TESOL students are beautiful, popular, talented, and not shy at all!

You can see my pictures from Freshy Night here: By the way, the theme of the evening was “Stars on the Red Carpet” so you’ll see a lot of pictures of students posing like models on the red carpet.

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