Shopping at the Convention Center

Tonight I went shopping with 3 of my students. We went to the University convention center, where we thought they were having their monthly night market. We went on the wrong night, so there was no night market. Instead, there was a department store 50% off sale. The department store rented the convention center to sell off all of their old stuff.

We spent a long time looking at all of the stuff. I enjoyed hanging out with the girls. We laughed a lot! I ended up buying a cute shirt. There were no changing rooms, so I couldn’t try it on before buying it. I recently bought a couple of shirts in size 42, so I thought it was safe to buy size 42. I was wrong. I tried the shirt on when I came home and it’s too tight. 😦

In other news, another bar opened up across the street right next door to the previous bar. So right now I’m hearing two different songs coming from the bars. There are also hundreds of people at the bars. They’re standing in the street because they can’t fit inside.

Also, my room smells like camping now because I sprayed some deet on the line of ants walking between the air conditioner and my dresser. The smell is annoying, but there don’t appear to be any ants in my room right now.

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