I Hate Ants!

I’ve been fighting with ants since I moved into my apartment. When I tell people that there are ants in my apartment, they always tell me not to leave food out. The thing is, I don’t leave food out! First, the ants were attracted to my desk. They especially liked my computer. I moved the computer away from the desk and no longer have an ant problem on my desk. I was feeling good about the lack of ants in my apartment until this morning. I opened one of my drawers and noticed an ant crawling on the side of the drawer. I thought it was a strange place for an ant, so I looked a little closer. There were ants crawling all over the drawer! I have no idea why the ants are attracted to the clean clothes in my drawer, but I do know that it’s not because there was food in there!

I’ve been looking for those little plastic ant hotels that we have in the states, but can’t find any. I’m going to have to add them to the list of supplies for Dave to bring!

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