Fits of Rage

I read Culture Shock! Thailand on my plane trip to Thailand. It says that Thai people work hard to avoid confrontations. Sometimes they bottle everything up for so long that they suddenly get angry and go beserk. Well, I witnessed one of those episodes today.

I went to Fairy plaza for pizza with a coworker tonight. We were just riding up to the entrance when I saw a man scream and push a woman, grab her by the shirt, and shake her. He kept screaming and screaming and then tried to strangle her! The eerie thing to me was that so many people were standing by, silently watching this man try to strangle someone. There was a young man who looked like he was trying to help the girl, but he wasn’t doing a very good job. A police officer showed up, and the man stopped trying to strangle her. The police officer didn’t really try to separate them; the guy still had the girl by the wrists and was yelling at her when I went inside. It was a scary incident.

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