$5.50 Haircut

I went to a beauty salon today to have a haircut and get some highlights. The process was long. I was there for 2.5 hours and they only charged my $5.50. Haircuts here are different.

First, they did the highlights. There was no surprise there, other than that they left an inch of my hair uncolored at the top. They said it would be bad for the haircolor to touch my scalp.

Next they washed my hair for a looooooong time. They shampooed it, conditioned it, and then put something else in it. The shampoo is nice, because they give you a nice head & neck massage. Next, they sat me at the haircutting station and gave me a shoulder and back massage. Then they dried my hair with a blow dryer and straightened it with one of those flat irons. Finally they cut my hair. After that there was some more blow-drying.

I like my new haircut, but I know it will look different tomorrow. I don’t even own a blow dryer and I don’t have that extra stuff they put in my hair. Still, it’s fun to go to the beauty salon when I have a big block of extra time!

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