The Thailand Weight Loss Solution

Well, I decided to weigh myself yesterday. I’ve lost 8 pounds in Thailand!! I knew I had lost some weight because my clothes are more roomy than they used to be. Considering that I’ve been eating anything I want so far (including cake, sugary coffee drinks, pizza, lots of french fries, regular coke, potato chips, cookies, cheeseburgers, candy bars, etc.), I’m really pleased to have lost so much weight! Maybe everyone should come to Thailand to lose weight. It could be a new type of vacation. The weight-loss vacation!

So I’ve lost 8 pounds, but I still have a ways to go. I gained too much weight in grad. school and now I need to lose it. I’ve gotten into some bad eating habits here. Mostly it’s because the only American foods here are junk foods that I don’t usually eat at home. I’m going to start cutting back on junk food now.

One thought on “The Thailand Weight Loss Solution

  1. Wow! 8 pounds is great! I have lost only 7.2 on weight watchers. I am proud of you. What would you like for me to send in the next box?

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