Heightened Security at KKU

3 weeks ago, we were told that all TESOL classes were moving from our classroom/computer lab on the 1st floor to 2 classrooms and 1 computer lab on the 5th floor. I was excited about it because we were going to have windows! The students were not happy. They didn’t want to walk up the stairs every day and they thought the new rooms were ugly. They were also disappointed that they would have to share their computer lab with the Japanese and Thai education programs.

3 weeks ago from tomorrow, they told us that our new rooms would be ready on Monday. They weren’t. So we kept teaching in our 1st floor classroom. Then construction workers showed up in our computer lab area on the first floor. They had all of their power tools and everything. It was disrupting class and our eyes were burning. Unfortunately, our new classrooms were still locked up and had no furniture in them. We had nowhere to go. At one point I moved my class out to the hallway and taught out there.

We complained loudly about having to teach in the hallway, and they unlocked our new classrooms. Only 1 of them had any desks in it. We’ve been teaching in that room ever since. The problem is, the room we’re teaching in is the future computer lab. It’s much too big, it’s hot, and the air conditioner is so loud that it’s hard to hear what people are saying.

This week they moved some desks into our 2 new classrooms. However, we have no chalkboard in one room, and the other room has an unusable chalkboard (once you write on it, you can’t erase it). We’ve complained about it again. Sarantip’s solution was to move back to the 1st floor room until they finish putting together our new rooms. I walked by our old room today and saw that it had been completely renovated. They even have a fingerprint security system outside of the door! I don’t understand why the education department at KKU needs to be able to scan people’s fingerprints. What could possibly be kept in that room?

Anyway, the situation now is that we can’t get into our old classroom because we can’t get past the fingerprint security system and we also can’t get anyone to fix our new rooms to make them usable.

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