I found a bakery that makes some really good croissants. When I’m feeling lazy, like today, I pick up some croissants on the way home from work so that I don’t have to go back out later to get something to eat. The bakery makes 3 kinds of croissants. Some are plain, some are stuffed with ham, and some are stuffed with hot dogs. I like the plain ones and the ham ones. The ham croissants sound weird, I know, but it’s a lot like eating a ham sandwich.

My one complaint with the bakery is that they don’t separate the different types of croissants, and it’s difficult to tell whether you’re getting a plain croissant or a hot dog croissant. Today I accidentally got a hot dog croissant. 😦

Thai people seem to really love hot dogs. They’re everywhere! You can buy pizza with a hot dog folded into the crust and more hot dog sliced on top. You can also buy a hot dog to go with your rice, or you can put hot dogs into a plastic bag at 7/11 and squirt ketchup and mustard (or any other topping you like) into the bag. For some reason, the hot dog bun has yet to catch on.

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