One of my students taught me how to use a video rental store yesterday. I now have a membership card and a stack of coupons that allow me to rent two vcds for the price of 1, which is only 25 baht (a little over 50 cents). The video store has both dvds and vcds. Many of the vcds have the original english soundtracks on them. I rented two vcds and tried to watch them on my computer. They don’t work very well at all. One of them won’t play. The other one can only be watched in 10 minute installments. I’m going to have to stick with renting DVDs in the future. I’m disappointed because the DVD selection isn’t very good at the store.

By the way, the rental stores have some really new DVDs, like Superman Returns and the new Pirates of the Caribbean. My student told me that she rented the new Pirates dvd. Someone had videotaped the movie inside of a theater. She said that at one point someone actually stands up and walks in front of the guy with the camera! I’m going to wait for the real dvd.

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