My Broken Bike

I mentioned in an earlier post that I broke my new bike. Well, this is how it happened:

My new bicycle has an unusual kickstand. The kickstand is sort of square-shaped. When you put it down, it lifts the back wheel up. When you’re ready to ride your bike again, you just roll the bike forward and the kickstand goes back up. Last week I wanted to ride my bike somewhere but I couldn’t get the kickstand up. I kicked and kicked and kicked and managed to get the kickstand to budge a little. Then I turned the bike upside down and tried to pull it. I was getting more and more frustrated and started to think about how I was going to have to drag my bike to the bicycle repair shop. Then I remembered the bike store guy showing me a lever that can actually lock the kickstand down. I realized that the kickstand must have been locked. I turned the bike back over, found the lever, and my kickstand problem was solved! Unfortunately, in the process of trying to force the kickstand up, I moved the back wheel and it could no longer turn.

I’ve been avoiding the bicycle repair shop because it is a long walk there and I knew I’d have to either carry or drag my bike the whole way. One of my students suggested that I carry the bike just a little bit every day on my way to school and leave it on the side of the road when I get tired. She said “It’s not like someone’s going to steal it. It’s broken!”.

Yesterday I noticed that there was a motorcycle mechanic down the road from my apartment. I decided to take my bike there today. I worked hard. I held up the back end of the bike while trying to steer with the handlebars. I finally got to the mechanic’s shop and it was closed. I stopped for a minute, trying to decide where to go next. Behind me, I heard a man say a bunch of thai words with “jak a yarn” in the middle. Hearing the word for bicycle, I turned around and pointed to the back wheel. He looked at it, motioned for me to wait, and then borrowed some tools from a nearby tv repair shop. He fixed the wheel for me! I tried to give him some money but he wouldn’t take it. That’s the third time someone has fixed my bike for free.

I’m really happy to have my bike back. I hadn’t been going out much because it took so much time to walk everywhere!

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