1655It’s 5:00 and time to leave work. Unfortunately, it’s raining so I’m stuck here for awhile. I’ll use the extra time to write about the weddings I’ve attended this summer.

I know 4 Thai students from NAU. 3 of them (Fon, Boss & Fon) have been in Khon Kaen all summer. The other student is Poom, who has been in a Kurat, a city about 2 1/2 hours away from Khon Kaen. Fon & Boss were married 2 weeks ago. I actually wrote a really long post about their wedding, but then the internet in my apartment went down and I lost it. Poom was married on Saturday.

Thai wedding ceremonies are limited to family, so I didn’t get to see the ceremonies. After the ceremonies, they have a reception for family & friends. Both of the receptions I attended were really large and looked a lot like American receptions. Both Fon & Poom wore lovely white wedding gowns. The grooms wore white tuxedos. At the beginning of the reception, the bride and groom (at both weddings) stood on the stage and answered questions about how they met, how the groom proposed, and what they like about each other. Then, the bride and groom walked around to visit people at the tables while their guests ate. The receptions are shorter than American receptions because there is no dancing.

Poom’s wedding had a few familiar traditions. They had a huge cake in the reception room. It had 12 tiers! Poom’s husband is in the Navy, so after their interview some soldiers came in and held their swords up. Poom & Jack walked under the tunnel of swords to the cake. They used a sword to cut each tier of the cake. At least that’s what it looked like they were doing. The cake was actually fake. I was a little disappointed but also amazed that someone thought to make a fake wedding cake. What a great idea! Poom also threw her bouquet at the end of the reception.

Poom, Fon, Boss & Fon will go back to Flagstaff on August 22nd. I’ll be sad to see them go. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with them this summer.

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