Bathroom Emergency!!

I had a stressful bathroom emergency yesterday while I was getting ready for Poom’s wedding. The bathroom in my apartment has a spray-hose next to the toilet. I picked it up, and the spray-thingy broke off. A ton of water was squirting out of the hose, and I couldn’t figure out how to stop it. The bathroom has a drain in the corner, but the drain couldn’t handle the amount of water coming out of the hose and my bathroom started to flood. I ended up putting the hose in the toilet bowl and running down to the apartment manager’s office to get some help. My apartment manager speaks very good English. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in his office. No one was in his office. A janitor said something to me in Thai. I recognized the word “horng nahm” (bathroom) and I thought “how does she know there’s a problem in my bathroom?”. I proceeded to mime the problem in my bathroom for her. She took me into the office and told me to sit down. It turned out that the person working in the office was in the bathroom. He came out a few minutes later, and I mimed the situation to him. (I’m becoming an excellent mime, by the way!) He ran to get the English-speaking manager. I told him about the problem and he sent someone to the room right away to fix it. Putting the hose in the toilet turned out to be a good solution. Most of the water on the floor had drained by the time the manager got to my room.

This was a really stressful event for me because I only had 1/2 an hour before I had to leave for the wedding. It turned out to be really good, though, because I got to complain to the manager about the loud bar across the street and ask him if he thought it was acceptable for me to wear pants to a wedding. He said pants were fine, and he told me that he had already complained to the bar owners. I went to the office and mimed my complaint to an office worker several days ago, so he already knew I wasn’t happy about the bar. He’s looking for a room for me on the opposite side of the complex.

Poom’s wedding deserves its own post. I will write about it later!

2 thoughts on “Bathroom Emergency!!

  1. Very Funny, Emily. I am all caught up on your news now! I could really picture you miming to the manager about the water. This is something from an “I Love Lucy” episode.

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