English-Language Play Competition

Yesterday all of the 3rd-year students in the Faculty of Education participated in an English-language Play competition. The students from each major in the department wrote and performed a play in English. Sarantip, Daniel & I were asked to judge the plays and choose the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. I first heard about the play on Monday at about 3 pm because that’s when my students decided to start working on it. All of the other groups finished their plays last March.

We watched 8 plays. The art students performed first. They created an elaborate Cinderella/Snow White story and made their own costumes and props. Their performance was excellent, but about 10 minutes too long. I also couldn’t understand very much of what they said because the audience was laughing and screaming so much. After the art students’ performance, we sat through 7 plays by other groups in the faculty. Some were really hard to understand. The highlights for me were the Physical Education students, who performed 3 Thai karaoke songs in the middle of their play, and the computer students, who wrote a rather disturbing play about executions. Finally, the TESOL students performed their play. It was a Cinderella story with a twist at the end (the prince turns out to be gay). Our students did a really great job with their play. It was really funny and well acted. When we added up all the points, the TESOL students won first place. I felt bad giving it to them since we (the judges) are their teachers and since they had only started working on it a day earlier. They were clearly the best, though, so we gave them first prize.

Each of the judges had to come to the podium afterwards and make some comments. I didn’t want to do this, but it was better than talking for 5 minutes after each performance as they originally planned for us to do. Thai people seem to be really comfortable with extemporaneous speaking. I’ve been asked to give unprepared speeches several times since I’ve been here.

In other news, my headache is finally gone so I definately do not have dengue fever. The night club is still loud so I’m not getting very much sleep.

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