My Successful Sorng Tow Trip

I’m really proud of myself! Yesterday I found my way around downtown all by myself, and I didn’t get lost! I rode the sorng tow (that’s a pickup truck with two rows of seats in the back) to a kmart-like store called Big C. The trip took about 3 hours! First, I walked to campus to catch a number 8 sorng tow. I hopped off the number 8 at the bus station, crossed the street, and looked for a number 16 sorng tow. I wasn’t totally confident that number 16 was going to Big C, so I decided to ask the driver. I’m glad I asked, because the number 16 does not go to Big C. The driver told me to get on the number 3 sorng tow. I found number 3, confirmed with the driver that the sorng tow was going to Big C, and I was on my way! I was really happy when I finally made it to Big C. It felt like a big accomplishment! I did some shopping and then started my long trip back. It was nice to go downtown and not get lost!

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