Church and Arabic Dancing

I had a really great day yesterday. One of my students invited me to go to church with her. The service was entirely in Thai, so I didn’t understand anything, but I had a great time! It was nice to be back in church again. I didn’t realize how much I had missed it. I met some wonderful people there. There are several American families in the church. They were all very welcoming and kind to me. One of the difficult things for me about living in Thailand is not having any separation between work and personal life. So far, everyone I know is affiliated with the Education department at KKU. I am looking forward to developing some new relationships in the church.

Last night I also went aerobic dancing. I titled my post “Arabic dancing” because Thai people always pronounce “aerobic” as “arabic”. When I first arrived, people kept talking about “arabic” dancing. I thought they meant belly dancing! Actually, aerobic dance is just aerobics. There are many outdoor aerobic classes all over the city. The classes start at 6, when the sun starts to go down. My friend Nid took me to a class downtown. It was a fun mix of kickboxing and step aerobics. It’s really fun!

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