Baking again

2 and a half months without a kitchen. 5 months without a dishwasher. Almost 3 weeks without a kitchen sink. This remodel has been long, but we’re almost there. We’ve got floors and cabinets and countertops. We’re not quite done yet, but so close! We’re celebrating today by making some snickerdoodles. We got a special cabinet for our mixer. I love it!

Kitchen remodel

Our cabinets are emptied and we’ve set up a makeshift kitchen counter in the living room. Our kitchen remodel starts tomorrow! Here’s a reminder of how it looked a few months ago. Note the newly painted cabinets. We had just finished painting them when we discovered the water leak that pushed us into this project.

Nine Years

And now he’s nine! Today’s celebrations include The Lego Movie 2 with a friend, lots of playing, a baguette (from the store this time), and Sam’s newfound favorite dessert, cheesecake.


Sam’s favorite food is bread, and his favorite kind of bread is the baguette. These take a whole day to make, so they made for a good snowstorm project. This is actually my second batch. The first was fine but pale and I hadn’t given them enough time to rise. Sam and I are both really happy with this second batch.

Snow days

I’ve lost track of how many snow days we’ve had now. In the last 8 days, my classes have only met once in person. Sam has had slightly more school days (3), but two of those days were cut short because of the weather.

We’ve been sledding, had snowball fights, made snowmen, drunk too much hot chocolate, and done a lot of baking